Forensic Science Consulting

Attorney Murray earned a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science from the George Washington University, studying with some of the best investigators, crime scene processors and lab technicians the local and federal governments had to offer.

Attorney Murray studied in the areas of:

Firearms and toolmark identification
DNA, fingerprints and other forms of personal identification
Crime scene processing
Forgery. counterfeiting and questioned document examination
Drugs of abuse and drug interaction
Trace evidence, evidence collection and chain of custody concerns
Forensic Pathology

In his prior career as an investigator and now, as a practicing attorney, Attorney Murray has utilized this education and experience to develop a unique skill set, combining forensic science and legal skills to aid other attorneys in discerning forensic science issues for pleadings and motions, preparing for direct and cross examination of experts and presenting forensic evidence to juries.

Attorney Murray is also a frequent guest commentator for CNN Headline News and In Session concering law, trial practice and forensic science.

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